NaPoWriMo - 15-April - On the Virtues of Tequila

On the Virtues of Tequila

Tequila is so much more
Than shots
To be consumed
With salt and lime.

Tequila is so much more
Than the alcohol
In a Margarita,
Frozen or on the rocks.

Tequila is a gateway
To the appreciation and
Consumption of quality whiskey.

Sipping a fine Añejo
On a sunny spring afternoon,
Confident that clothes
Will not fall off,
But happiness will abound.

©2014 Edward Branley

NaPoWriMo - 14-April - Dragon's Defense

Dragon's Defense

It's not about reward
That we defend the dragon
As she matures,
As she learns,
As she transforms,
Into a powerful being.

It's not about love,
That we defend the dragon,
When she lands,
When she feeds,
When she lowers her shields.

It's about destiny,
Because we made the decision
To become one with the dragon,
Before we even knew
The risks that entailed.

We are the blood bound.

©2014 Edward Branley

NaPoWriMo - 11-April - Dragon Dreams

Dragon Dreams

We visualize dragons
Through the lens
Of our different life experiences.
Our dragons range from
Cute and cuddly to the
Destroyers of worlds.

Invariably, our dragons
Are more powerful than
Mere mortals. If not immortal, the dragons
Have very long lives,
And even longer memories.

What if dragons are angels?
Spiritual beings, immortal,
Yet they seek to walk the earth,
Experiencing the sensations
Of life within a living, breathing body.

Not all dragons can assume
A corporeal form.
Still, they try,
Pushing their spirits into eggs,
Hatching, growing, learning,
Knowing it may all be for naught
If they can't make the transformation

The dragons get help from humans
To make the transformation a success
Binding to them with blood,
Trusting they will help keep them secure,
While forces of the dark try
To rid the planet of these beings.

There is so much we can learn
From our dragons.
We just have to let them Enter our lives, as we
Allow them to transform us.

©2014 Edward Branley

NaPoWriMo - 10-April - The Rebound Spiral

The Rebound Spiral

The relationship between
Two married people
Gets complicated when one divorces.

You're there for them.
They're there for you,
Or, at the least,
They're good for your ego
Because they turn to you for support.
In which case, it's not true friendship,

The relationship is all about one,
While the other
Doesn't factor in the possibility
That their “friend”
Doesn't have many options.
Sometimes this aspect of the relationship
Is clouded by “benefits.”

When one makes that fateful decision
To leave their spouse,
The options on that side
Of the married-friends equation
Open up wide.

When the rebound appears,
Weeks, months, even years
Of what the still-married person
Thought was a real friendship
Vanish like rain on the sidewalk
On a hot Summer's day.

One spirals up,
As new adventures await them.
The other spirals down,
Feeling betrayed,
Feeling hurt,
Feeling left out,
Until they stand up,
And resume the search
For the one real friend
Who isn't going to leave their spouse, either.

©2014 Edward Branley

NaPoWriMo - 9-April - Beer


Lager, Ale, Porter, Stout
Offer even the American
Wonderful flavors,
Interesting options.

Lager, Ale, Porter, Stout
Range in shade, light to dark.
But do not always mirror
The mood of the drinker.

Lager, Ale, Porter, Stout
Are often the selection
Of the ill-humored,
Though many usually bypass
The darker brews
That reflect their emotions,
Opting instead
To drink more of the lighter, faster.

Lager, Ale, Porter, Stout
Pair splendidly
With various foods.
Yet still,
All too many
Stick to "the usual"
Come what may.


©2014 Edward Branley

NaPoWriMo - 7-April - The Amulet

The Blood-Bound know,
That if the Lantern Glows
Something is afoot!

Green, Yellow, Red, or Blue,
You are close to
Friends who are true.

But if you feel a shock, and
Purple shines,
In the dark like night,
You should be prepared
For fight or flight!

If you feel warmth,
And a shining White light,
You know you are in
The company of a Knight!


©2014 Edward J. Branley

NaPoWriMo - 6-April - Airport Blues

Airport Blues

Blue is the dominant color
Of Armstrong International Airport,
Delta Blue
United Blue
Southwest Blue
TSA Blue
TSA Pre-Chek Blue

The most disturbing
Shade of blue in an airport
Is definitely that of the gloves
Worn by TSA Officers
Because it's just a little too eager
To signal the desire to administer
A rectal probe.

Once you're a safe distance
From government-financed groping,
Blues merge into Reds.
Food places on the concourses
Use Red as their primary color
To stir up emotions and appetites.

The best place
To beat the Airport Blues
Is one of several bars on the concourses.
Grab a Lucky Dog,
Have a cocktail,
Hope the rest of the Airport World
Is having a better day,
Than you.


©2014 Edward J. Branley