YatBooks Podcast #1


The podcasts are back! Starting off with books, since I have books to promote. :-) The idea behind YatBooks is a 30 minute show, where the first half is about process, writing, publishing, and we’ll talk about a specific book in the second half. To start it off, we’ll talk about the universe of Hidden Talents. BE GENTLE about quality, please! I wanted to get an installment up tonight, and I’m in the hotel in Silly Valley. I’m working with sorting out how to get this distributed via WordPress.


The book is available for Kindle now, and the paperback and hardcover editions will drop on December 4th. Listen, please, to my ramblings on where the Talents come from.


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Buy Hidden Talents!

Full hardcover dust cover for Hidden Talents.

Full hardcover dust cover for Hidden Talents.

The hardcover and paperback editions of Hidden Talents will be available for sale on December 4, 2015. In the meantime, you Kindle users (via an actual Kindle, or the Kindle app for iOS, Android, or computer) can get the book now! Here’s the link to Amazon.com:

Hidden Talents on Amazon.com

Hidden Talents on Amazon.com

There will be events in December and January, as I work them into my teaching schedule.

Go buy my novel! :-)

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Hidden Talents Update


As y’all know, today was supposed to be the day that my novel, Hidden Talents, would hit the stores. Alas, that hasn’t happened.

I’ve experienced a ton of problems working with IngramSpark. A lot of it was my fault, not formatting the cover art for the paperback and hardcover editions properly for their automated submission process. It’s not just me, however. They are one of the most unresponsive companies I’ve ever tried to work with, in terms of customer service. I upload files, and they take days to even move them from their upload server to the preliminary work area.

A typical phone call involves a hold time of 15-20 minutes.

IngramSpark lists an email to contact them, but they just don’t respond.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow to teach, and hopefully I can get things sorted out. I’m pushing back the drop date to December 4, 2015.


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NaNoWriMo is approaching…


I’ve started on the second novel of Blood Bound! The outline is pretty much set in my head (and my moleskine), and I’ve got drafts of the first two chapters. Since National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo) is all about 50K-word projects, it’s perfect for the second novel.

The second novel in the Blood Bound series is tentatively titled Dragon’s Discovery. It continues the adventures of Anne Marie Denechaud, Joey Newfeld, and David Williams, “The Trio” from Dragon’s Danger. Along with their dragon, Eleni, The Trio enter their junior year of high school, which promises to be even more exciting the previous one.

The plan is to release Dragon’s Discovery on Mardi Gras, 2016, which is Tuesday, February 9, 2016, to those you outside New Orleans. If I stick to the NaNoWriMo target of writing 50K words in a month, I can work with Lady Editor in December, get production settled in January, and release on Fat Tuesday.

I’ll cross-post NaNoWriMo updates here, there, and on GoodReads.

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Hidden Talents – Update!


Waiting on the final proofs! Everything is on track for the 31-October release. I haven’t finalized any release events/signings/readings yet, mainly because of my crazy schedule. LT Firstborn is changing duty station from Groton, CT, to San Diego, as the USS Alexandria transitions from being an Atlantic Fleet submarine to joining the Pacific Fleet. This is Kiddo’s last undergraduate semester at LSU, and mom wants to get in all the Tiger Band stuff she can possibly get in, for his last football season. I’ve been fortunate to be able to teach from home (via WebEx) for most of October, but I’m likely going to end up on the road again in November. We’ll definitely have local events, though.

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Verse: The White Sundress

The White Sundress

The White Sundress
Acts in counterpoint to the
Little Black Dress.
While the LBD is touted as
Fashion that goes from
“Boardroom to Ballroom”,
The White Sundress is less
Versatile, because of
Its color
Its fabric
Its light weight
Its distraction factor.

The White Sundress
Still does things
The LBD will never do,
Such as go to the beach,
To the park,
To the outdoor nighttime event,
In the crisp air of late spring,
Or the oppressing heat
And humidity
Of midsummer.

The White Sundress
Often gives way to the
Little Black Dress,
As the symphony
Changes direction after
The music moves indoors,
Where the a/c is fierce
And a dress of more sterner stuff
Is in order.

The White Sundress
Is at its best,
At the bar,
With a glass of white wine,
Perpetuating the mystery
Of just how it hits the floor.

©2015 Edward J Branley


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Verse: T.I.T.S.


It’s a need.
It’s a must,
For those with an
Affinity to water that
Requires something
Larger than
The backyard pool,
A stream in the woods,
The Bayou.

Women usually express
This need faster
(And LOUDER)Than men, but
The desire crosses the sexes.

Is a three-coast concept
Running from Maine,
to Key West,
Across the Florida Panhandle,
Along the Gulf Coast,
To Corpus,
As well as along the California coast.

Some drive hours,
For the experience.
Others head out
The front door,
Just a short walk
Or bike ride, or
Drive to the
Overcrowded underground
Parking structure.

Upon arrival,The Seeker pauses
At the edge,
Takes in the view,
Breathes in Deeply,
Kicks off the
Strappy sandals,
Or flip flops,
And indulges
In the raw ecstasy of
Toes In The Sand.

©2015 Edward J. Branley

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