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Strong Women in the Talents Universe

Strong Women Strong Women are important to the Talents Universe While the primary characters of Hidden Talents are Renard Alciatore and Michael O'Donnell, the story features several strong women. Ren's interactions with women are important. I didn't want...

Trusted Talents is here!

Trusted Talents by Edward J Branley Wednesday, 15-August, is the official drop date for my latest novel, "Trusted Talents". Here's the back-cover blurb: Someone's stealing magickal artifacts - in the middle of Mardi Gras The priests of the Ordo Archangelli keep their...

Verse – Opposite Ends of the Table

Opposite Ends of the Table Twelve for dinner, Six a side. Hi! Haven't seen you In ages. And it's a shame, That I can't catch up With you. Because we are on Opposite ends of the table. ©2018 Edward J Branley

Jesuits in New Orleans #BayouTalents

Jesuits in New Orleans Jesuits in New Orleans have a rich history While there are a number of my friends who attended Brother Martin High School who don't see the need to recognize Jesuits in any way, there are times when they make good characters. You can't deny the...

Verse: Selfies

Selfies You take selfies When you feel good, When you're a hot mess When you've done something significant. It's a wonderful thing. You take selfies To send a message, To make a statement, To flip off the ex. It's a wonderful thing. I hope you'll forgive me, If, when...

Plus-size models in fantasy art

The lack of plus-size models is one of the problems with posting Fantasy Art. There's a distinct lack of variety in body types of the women depicted. We can talk about the preposterous costumes and such that some artists love to put sword-and-sorcery, or science...

Talents Universe: A gift for my readers

Stories in the Talents Universe Here are a couple of winter-theme stories set in the Talents universe. Love in the Oaks is a story I was going to submit for the holiday edition of a literary magazine. They were looking for short, slam-style pieces, and I just couldn't...

The Exit

The Exit The Exit is prominent in all of our life events, The growth of the Spirit Is a path to an Exit That opens a new door. Like the old saying About teachers appearing when The student is ready, The Exit appears, Quite simply, When it’s time for us to leave. We...

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