Verse: Chapels…Churches…Cathedrals…



The Cathedrals of Baseball are open
For business across the nation.
The lesser houses of worship
Have been open for some time now.

The high school chapels,
Farley Field,
To name two in New Orleans.
Are active and filled with congregants.

Some of the churches are open,
Built for the college crowds
Holding nine-inning revivals,
Giving the lesser seminarians
A chance to discern
Their vocations.

But today, the Cathedrals
Opened their gates,
As the faithful filed into the
Pews, breaking bread,
And the occasional donut-hamburger.

The Boys of Summer are back.

©2015 Edward J. Branley

(Camden Yards photo courtesy Melissa Case…thanks, La Buzz!)

Hidden Talents – We have a cover!


The cover is done! I’ve been working with Wendy Warrelmann for this cover, and she done good. Part of me felt like it was too soon, since the manuscript isn’t quite ready for publication, but then, when I’m satisfied it’s ready, the cover is all set. Wendy’s done a great job capturing Renard Alciatore, Anita Delatorre, and the feel of an urban-occult fantasy in contemporary New Orleans.

You CAN afford to pay for artistic services!


There’s nothing worse to say to a musician, photographer, writer, or any other artist. “May we use your work? We can’t pay you, but…”

You CAN pay for their work. You really can. Did you buy a coffee this week? That’s five bucks. Two of them? Ten bucks.

How about, next time you ask if you can use someone’s work, you offer them that ten bucks? Or to buy them lunch?

You want to “pick someone’s brain”, perhaps? find a way to pay for it. You can do it.

Negative Reviews…


Good article from The Passive Voice blog on negative reviews on Amazon and such. This struck me in particular:

Then comes the first negative review from Jeremy, from Hounslow. Your brain immediately reacts by telling you that Jeremy must be mentally ill. Then you decide he must be a troll.

The most stinging review so far to Dragon’s Danger wasn’t from a troll. This is spot-on, the reviewer was giving me an honest opinion. My problem was the extent to which I thought she was off-base.

Still, the thing you have to do is stay quiet! Don’t comment. Leave it be.