We’re in the final stages of edits/revisions of my novel, Hidden Talents, so I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds through what are essentially “pre-orders with benefits”. Here’s the campaign’s description:

“Hidden Talents” is an occult-urban fantasy novel set in contemporary New Orleans. Think sword-and-sorcery in a modern setting, with more of an empasis on the sorcery than the swords. Renard Alciatore is a New Orleans native who lives along Bayou St. John. He makes his living as a photographer. When he discovers that he has special abilities, Talents, his life changes as he enters the world of mind-communication, telekinesis, and spell-casting.

“Hidden Talents” is set in a world of fantasy and sorcery I’ve dreamed about for years. Those with Talents are not large in numbers. They may be our friends and co-workers. Their abilities get them into some interesting situations. I enjoy writing about those situations, and am hopeful “Hidden Talents” will be one of many projects in this world.

All of the premium levels include a signed copy of either the hardcover or paperback editions of the novel. The lowest premium level is $25. The goal of this campaign is to raise a few dollars so I can hire Wendy Warrelman (the artist who did the cover art) to do some illustrations for the interior copy. The rest of the money will go to promoting the novel.

Check it out, thanks!

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