The White Sundress

The White Sundress
Acts in counterpoint to the
Little Black Dress.
While the LBD is touted as
Fashion that goes from
“Boardroom to Ballroom”,
The White Sundress is less
Versatile, because of
Its color
Its fabric
Its light weight
Its distraction factor.

The White Sundress
Still does things
The LBD will never do,
Such as go to the beach,
To the park,
To the outdoor nighttime event,
In the crisp air of late spring,
Or the oppressing heat
And humidity
Of midsummer.

The White Sundress
Often gives way to the
Little Black Dress,
As the symphony
Changes direction after
The music moves indoors,
Where the a/c is fierce
And a dress of more sterner stuff
Is in order.

The White Sundress
Is at its best,
At the bar,
With a glass of white wine,
Perpetuating the mystery
Of just how it hits the floor.

©2015 Edward J Branley


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