As y’all know, today was supposed to be the day that my novel, Hidden Talents, would hit the stores. Alas, that hasn’t happened.

I’ve experienced a ton of problems working with IngramSpark. A lot of it was my fault, not formatting the cover art for the paperback and hardcover editions properly for their automated submission process. It’s not just me, however. They are one of the most unresponsive companies I’ve ever tried to work with, in terms of customer service. I upload files, and they take days to even move them from their upload server to the preliminary work area.

A typical phone call involves a hold time of 15-20 minutes.

IngramSpark lists an email to contact them, but they just don’t respond.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow to teach, and hopefully I can get things sorted out. I’m pushing back the drop date to December 4, 2015.


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