The Urban Fantasy novel, Hidden Talents, is available for review on NetGalley!

What is NetGalley?

It’s a site/community that makes books available to book professionals–librarians, publishers, booksellers, book industry writers, reviewers, and bloggers. A publisher pays a fee to list their titles on the site. Members of the site can browse the titles and download the books that catch their eye. Some books are available for immediate download, others require members to “request” the book. They then can download the epub or mobi file after approval.

Review requests for Hidden Talents

This is a big step for Elysian Fields Press. NetGalley is pricey by self-publishing standards. All reviews suggest it’s worth it for the exposure. If you know book professionals who use NetGalley, please let them know Hidden Talents is available for their review. They can click the link/widget below to get there. If you know a blogger that accepts direct requests/pitches, please let me know, I’ll send them a media kit. We’re obviously excited about the novel, and want to get it to as many people in the business as possible. Elysian Fields Press’ ad budget isn’t big! Please help us out by talking up the novel. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind. Personal recommendations have value to your friends and colleagues. Help us tap those folks. At the same time, if you’re talking to someone who isn’t the Urban Fantasy type, be sure to mention my nonfiction/history books. When you’re at a party, having lunch, etc., tell people about this great book you’re reading. Facebook friends are always asking for suggestions of books to read. Suggest Hidden Talents! It’s all about the personal touch.

What’s in it for you? Good karma. Be sure to tell your friends that you sent them. I don’t forget these things, and always do my best to pay that back/forward. I’m no longer a member of BNI, but I’m still a big believer in their “givers gain” philosophy. I want to help my friends and colleagues, because I know they’ll return the effort. Everyone wins!

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