Trusted Talents – Preview for Twelfth Night!

Trusted Talents!

Trusted Talents is coming along, and I’d like to share a preview with you for Twelfth Night!

along the route - Trusted Talents

To start Carnival off right, here’s a preview of the second book in the Bayou Talents series, Trusted Talents. The pic above relates to the story, as you’ll see.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One:

Tara’s lavender aura surrounded her, as she sat down next to Chuck on the couch. Only now did Ren notice her brown hair, with a touch of blonde highlighting. She wore a green t-shirt that said “Sidewalk Side”, a reference to watching Carnival parades, over black leggings. Chuck, the man next to her, wore loose-fitting cargo pants and a New Orleans Pelicans shirt. His aura was royal blue, slightly muted. McCoy, also casually dressed for a day of parade-drinking, had a muted red aura. Fabian’s aura was the same shade of blue as his jeans, and Meg was surrounded by a golden glow. The white aura of a Teacher engulfed Mike, when Ren looked his way, using his inner Sight.
Those still sitting began to stand. Tara helped him up, leading him into the dining room, where she sat him down in between Meg and McCoy.

Download the preview of Trusted Talents here.

Trusted Talents will drop later this year. We’re hoping to get Dragon’s Discovery, the second book in the Blood Bound series, out for Jazz Fest. That project is coming along nicely as well. I’m excited about 2016! Hopefully Elysian Fields Press will produce more than just my books as well. We’re looking at some themes for anthologies and how to work up good crowdsourcing to make it happen. That takes planning, and a good video explaining the project, so it’s not something thrown together overnight.

Podcasts resuming next week, and we’re continuing the marketing of Hidden Talents!

cover of the novel, "Hidden Talents" - the book before Trusted Talents