Eleni of the Red Tribe

NaNoWriMo replaced with multiple projects

NaNoWriMo bit the dust this year. I didn’t even try to do anything for National Novel Writing Month. Too many writing projects already started! Here’s a quick update:

Dragon’s Discovery is done! It’s up on CreateSpace and Amazon, and we’ll get the marketing going next week.

Trusted Talents is moving forward. The Krauss book pushed the novel back a bit, but we’ll make it work.

Krauss Departent Store is in progress as well. Making good headway on this book. It’s a different challenge from the “Images of America” books, because it’s more words than photos. The book will be around 30K-33K words and 90ish photos. The research is fun, because it goes in several directions: Jewish merchants, Storyville, Canal Street, just to mention a few.

On top of all this, I’ve got a number of short stories in both the Dragons and Talents universes going. Some finished, some not. Occasionally, the Duchess of the Red Pen (the lovely Dara) sends me info on this call for submissions or that contest. When they’re short (500-2000 words), I’ll take a moment and give it a shot. That leaves room for growth later.

History and Podcasting

I’ve also been busy with the History blog (  and podcasting. Those will continue, of course. I’ve been a bit too picky on the podcast, in that I want to script things and use my good microphone. If my travel schedule picks up again, I’m going to bring a mic/headset with me on the road, so I can produce some unscripted (and probably shorter) episodes, particularly when it comes to books and book reviews. Lady Duchess and I also have a couple of “industry” projects on the back burner that may also be good for some podcasting commentary.


Dragon’s Danger – Book Two of the Blood Bound Series
by Edward Branley

Can a video game become reality?

David, Anne Marie, and Joey are ready to start another school term after a laid back summer getting to know their dragon. The difference is, they are Blood-Bound to Eleni of the Red Tribe. As if school, band, and drinking chicory coffee are not keeping them busy enough, they are now part of the world of the Dragons. Join the Trio as their days are filled with curiosity, intrigue, and a new video game, while Eleni, the Guardians, Companions, and Merchants guide them through their discovery of life and love.

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