plus-size models

The lack of plus-size models is one of the problems with posting Fantasy Art. There’s a distinct lack of variety in body types of the women depicted. We can talk about the preposterous costumes and such that some artists love to put sword-and-sorcery, or science fiction women characters in at another time. What you really don’t see are women who are size 16+ in this genre of art. The quote/meme above is a great example. The quote, scene, and woman are all inspiring and lovely, but the woman is your basic fitness-model build.

Plus-Size models: A Challenge

plus-size models

Here’s what I have in mind. If you come across any plus-size fantasy models let’s see them! Post pics here in comments, or on Facebook. If it’s copyrighted work, post a link to the artist’s website. If there are artists drawing bigger women on a regular basis as witches, faeries, angels, superheros, or any other SF/F characters, let’s recognize them, and I’ll feature them here, and on my author page on Facebook.

Fantasy Art should be inclusive

Now that I’m thinking about it, this may turn into a multi-part exercise. Women of color are also under-represented in fantasy art. I remember, a couple of months ago, someone shared an illustration of two dark-skinned women in a medieval fantasy setting. There were comments about how this was unacceptable, since dark-skinned women didn’t fit in a Northern European medieval setting. These comments ignored the fact that the image was fanatsy–the artist has license to do/draw whomever they choose. Naturally, I started thinking, now, how did these black women get into this castle? Teleport? Smuggled in by merchants? Disguised as Moorish warriors? OK, I digress, you get the idea. We’ll start with plus-sized women, and go from there.

Again, post submissions as comments here on Eloquent Profanity, or on Edward Branley’s Author Page.  Let’s have some fun and learn something as we go.

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