The Blood-Bound

The Blood-Bound – Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green

Eleni: “AHEM!”

The Chronicler: “Yes, Lady Eleni?”

Eleni: “Monsignore, Renard and Tara are wonderful people, but what about ME?”

The Chronicler: “Well, we certainly wouldn’t want you to feel ignored,

Joey: “For sure. Crazy Girlfriend will start burning stuff.”

Eleni: “Joseph!”

We’re in the midst of the roll-out/drop of the latest Talents novel, Trusted Talents, but I wanted to remind everyone about the Dragons! Here’s how the story came about.

I was talking to my now-30yo son a few years ago. He’s a Naval officer, a submariner. At the time of this chat, his boat was in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He lived in a charming apartment in Portsmouth, above a dress shop. He’s a New Orleans kid, naturally, and New England winters didn’t set well with him. So, the fireplace in this particular apartment. He’s a nuclear engineer. Fire and power are part of his existence.

Game of Thrones

LT Firstborn is the nickname I use for my Navy kid on social media. LT Firstborn is a serious Game of Thrones junkie. When the first season came out, I hadn’t read the books. I kept asking him questions during S1E1 of the HBO show. He paused the show, went in his room, got the first book, and told me to read it before hitting “play” again. Yeah, he’s incredibly serious about GoT. A couple of years later, his first phone call upon getting off the boat after a multi-week underway was to me, to get the cable company’s password, so he could on-demand GoT.

LT Firstborn is fascinated by the dragons. We talk about them a good bit. He even bought the chest that was a wedding gift to Daenerys. It contains replicas of the three dragon eggs. We decided that the $100 price tag for the chest and eggs was too high to just throw one in the fire and see what happens.

That chuckle got me thinking, though. I wrote a story, about 5000 words, about a dragon egg. When I circulated that story around friends who had tweens/teens, the response from the kids was, “OK, what happens next?” So, that meant I needed to write the “next.”

That’s how my first YA novel, Dragon’s Danger, came about.

The Blood-Bound Series – YA Fiction by Edward J. Branley

Dragon’s Danger

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!

Joey, Anne Marie, and David are three teens from New Orleans. They’re smart enough to understand this. Imagine their surprise when a “dragon’s egg” they bought online turns out to be from an ancient trading company that sells “collectibles and curiosities”. Suddenly it’s more than just kidding around, as they help their dragon avoid danger and evolve to its full potential!

Dragon’s Discovery

Can a video game become reality?

David, Anne Marie, and Joey are ready to start another school term after a laid back summer getting to know their dragon. The difference is, they are Blood-Bound to Eleni of the Red Tribe. As if school, band, and drinking chicory coffee are not keeping them busy enough, they are now part of the world of the Dragons. Join the Trio as their days are filled with curiosity, intrigue, and a new video game, while Eleni, the Guardians, Companions, and Merchants guide them through their discovery of life and love.

Dragon’s Defiance

Coming this Fall!

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