Spaceport New Orleans – Writing about the city’s future

Spaceport New Orleans – Writing about the city’s future

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Personal Log 2018100701

Giving new thought to Patreon. I set up a Patreon page to see if I could monetize the writing a while back. It never took off. When I saw that Rude Pundit uses it, I thought it might be time to re-visit the concept. He regularly promotes “Patreon-only”...

Personal Log 2018100601

Some folks head to the garden when they want to get away from the world. Others work on their car, or maybe bake a pie (hi, Buzz!). Me, I write, or I re-do a website. That’s the thing for today. I’m working regularly on Pontchartrain Railroad, but...

Restructuring this website

I’ve decided to use ebranley dot com as a base for WordPress Network (multi-site). I’ll be adding the stuff from the legacy site as we go along. Stay tuned.