Duck Gangs

duck gangs

Duck Gangs

One would not expect
The ecosystem of the
Suburban park
To be a hotbed
Of gang activity.

As one passes near the
Outlet waterway that
Connects to the park’s
Large lagoon, however,
One finds a rough crowd.

No, it’s not the Muscovy Ducks,
Flown up from Mexico.
They’ve settled into life in
The ‘burbs.
But rather, it’s the
Pekins and Mallards,
Quacking for control.

They squawk,
They snap,
They posture.
When the Mallards
Waddle away,
The Pekins follow,
Staking their claim
To the turf.

The confrontations do not seem
To escalate into real fights,
Just squawking
Just snapping,
Just posturing.
The Pekins waddle away,
And the Mallards follow,
The turf.

It all seems choreographed,
To pass the time.
Maybe they just enjoy
The dance,
As if they’re acting out
The Sharks and the Jets.

Perhaps they aren’t
Rival gangs,
But like so many of us,
They are,
Bernstein fans.

©2020, Edward J. Branley

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