Quarter Call

quarter call

“The Spirit of the North Wind,” By M.Maiden, Elemental Otherworld

Quarter Call

I’d been thinking
About that nod of the head
All day.
I’ve heard others
Call the Quarters
In Circle
For years, but now,
It was my turn
To invoke the Guardians.

Miss Lydia watched me
After nodding, indicating
I was to begin.
Two steps forward,
And a turn to the East.
I took a deep breath,
And raised my arms.

“All Honor to the East Wind,
Bringer of the morning breeze
That shakes the dew from the
Grass underfoot!
Hear me, O East Wind, and
Bless our Circle.”

A bow to the East
And a turn to the South.

“All Honor to the South Wind,
Blowing up from the Open Sea
Past the coastal marshes,
Cooking the Midday!
Hear me, O South Wind, and
Bless our Circle.”

A bow to the South
A flicker of the candle.
Yes! I’m connecting!
Deep breath,
And a turn to the West.

“All Honor to the West Wind,
Carrying a sense of the unknown,
Through the bayous,
At the end of the day!
Hear me, O West Wind, and
Bless our Circle.”

A bow to the West,
And a mischievous puff
Brushing my toes,
Daring me not to giggle.
Challenge accepted!
As I turn towards a good friend.

Momma let me set alone
On the seawall by the lake
Since I was eight.
Now, at fourteen,
The Wind from the lake
Teased me,
Tested me,
Transformed me,
Into what my momma says
Is a
Handful of a young maiden.
I put on a very-formal face,
As I welcomed my friend.

“All Honor to the North Wind,
Testing us with water from
The lake,
A mix of love and anger!
Hear me, O North Wind, and
Bless our Circle.”

A slight snort, as I bowed,
Knowing the North would
Never be angry with me,
Even in the midst of a storm.
My friend responded,
Rustling my skirt,
Frizzing my hair,
As it circled me,
Finally settling in its Quarter.

A final turn, back to the
East, noticing the smile on,
Miss Lydia’s face,
While Momma beamed with pride.

©2020 Edward J. Branley

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