Bujo = Bullet Journal, and I use a journal customized by WindowTree Stationary.


Weekly view from February

BuJo with WindowTree


Aly gets me 🙂

I’ve been keeping my daily task list/diary/journal using the “Bullet Journal” style, “BuJo” for short. I’ve discussed BuJo and my general struggles to get the right format for a daily task list before. Unlike my more creative friends, my BuJo looked like a grocery list tacked up on the side of the fridge with a magnet. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if the job gets done, but the aesthetics make even me cringe.

Thing is, I’m just don’t have the skill to add pretty things to my BuJo. I followed the InstaBook pages and creators in this sphere. I finally adopted a grid layout my friend Grey uses. Prismacolor pencils kept things interesting, as each month was a bit different. That kept me going for a full two years.

WindowTree Stationary

In the Fall of 2021, my editor, the lovely and talented Dara Rochlin, told me her daughter, Alyson, my beta-reader for the Dragons novels, started selling customized journals and notebooks. Alyson’s got the imagination and the skills for this. So, I ordered a few Leuchturm 1917 notebooks and sent them to her. The blanks were payment for her making me a WindowTree journal.

And was I ever rewarded! This notebook is exactly what I need. While it’s a less-flexible format than just the very-forgiving BuJo, I feel like that’s a good thing for me right now. I always felt like I wasted the money on pre-printed inserts for my Franklin-Covey binders. Even if I miss a day with my WindowTree notebook, I still get the smiles Alyson’s creativity generates.

Using my Journal


On the technical side, I pair up my WindowTree BuJo with Trello. While I consider the paper notebook my primary task manager, I still double-enter online. I’ll do a full update on how I’ve adapted Trello into a daily manager, but, suffice to say, the combination works.

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