Cold Coffee Shop #snippet

“I started the car this morning and the A/C kicked in!” he exclaimed.

“Of course it did the high was 74 yesterday,” she replied.

The pair of investigators walked over to a table at the back of the coffee shop after getting their drinks. They ran through the list of tasks for their current cases as they greeted people passing by. This particular Lakeview coffee shop was popular all day. It was just a few blocks off of an Interstate exit. That made it a good meeting place. Connecting with a colleague? quick hop off the highway for a Jefferson Parish deputy, or someone from the Bureau. The Joint Major Crime Task Force consisted of detectives from the city, Stella was FBI, Marie, NOPD.

One of the baristas brought a just-iced cinnamon roll over to the table for Marie.

“Don’t you guys sit the opposite direction most of the time?” She asked.

“Yeah, but it’s cold, so I get to people-watch. No women in shorts for Stella to ogle,” Marie replied, with a laugh.

“Hey! It’s fair, you can watch the guys in sweatpants on cold days,” Stella said. She resisted the urge to flip Marie off.

Marie snorted.

“OK, that’s true. But cold weather means you miss the stiffy action on the women, like that one at the counter now,” she said.

Stella whipped around so quickly, her chair squeaked.

Marie looked at the barista and rolled her eyes.

“My partner the perv!”