Bullet Journal Stencils to liven things up

Bullet Journal Stencils to liven things up

Notebook Therapy’s Bullet Journal Stencils

bullet journal stencils

Bullet Journal Stencils improve my visuals

One of my teachers in elementary school told me once, “for all of your smarts, you can’t draw stick men straight!” She was right, and refused to accept it as a permanent condition. She did manage to get me to try enough that I didn’t look like I wrote with a broken hand, at least.

I’d like to be able to say, I took that teacher’s determination to heart and now can draw straight lines, but I can’t. After all, freehand drawing is a skill, a gift. One I never possessed. So, when I scrolled by a set of “Bullet Journal Stencils,” I scrolled back.

Straight line assistance

bullet journal stencils

Stencils by Notebook Therapy

Oh, sure, I can grab a number of improvisational straight edge guides, most notably the top of my Prismacolor pencil set. However, a smaller, way thinner straightedge tempted me. At a minimum, this was a justification to look further. Not only do the templates have straight edges, each stencil has a wavy/curvy side. Those sides enable creativity in terms of headlines.


bullet journal stencils

Hydration reminder!

I first employed a stencil of this size in 1971. Back at Brother Martin High, Brother Neal Golden, SC, invited a few of us eighth graders to beta-test his textbook on the BASIC programming. While the book was designed to be a text for 11-12 graders, Brother wanted to see how kids a few years younger worked with the material. We had a blast, of course. One of the chapters in the book was on Flowcharting. We were told to go over to the school’s bookstore and buy a stencil that included the various flowchart symbols: statement, decision, etc. So, it’s fair to say I’ve been preparing for bullet journal stencils for fifty years.

Notebook Therapy

That’s the company who sells the stencil pack. They also sell a wide range of notebooks and accessories. I’ll be buying more as Hanukkah approaches.