NOLA Quotes returns!

NOLA Quotes returns!

NOLA Quotes daily returns for 2024.

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Daily Quote, 1-January-2024

The return of NOLA Quotes

It’s been a moment, but daily quotes featuring New Orleans photos are back. NOLA Quotes started as a Zuckerbook page. We’ve continued that to start the new year. The basic concept is, present a photo about an aspect of New Orleans, add a quote that resonates with the photograph, and then share that with our followers.


This series isn’t meant to be a history lecture. Oh, you’ll see the occasional old image, map, or photo, and you just might learn something. The thought process and inspiration are what matters. We inspire the lightbulb over your head. We bring chuckles to your day. NOLA Quotes upgrades your social media experience. The politics happen elsewhere.

Photo sources

Many of the photos originate in the Commons. We attribute and credit photographers. Creative Commons share enables us to build on the talents of those who share. While a number of the images are Edward’s, we consider those as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. If you see an image you enjoy and would like the original, without the quote, drop us a note, we’ll get it to you. (One of these days, we’ll add them to Wikimedia Commons.)

The quotes

While we have our particular favorites, most days, we’re searching for a theme or subject rather than a particular individual. If you have a favorite author, actor, etc., let us know, we’ll see if there’s a connection. What’s important is the combination, like vampire stuff with a darkling image (and said image won’t always be a French Quarter view. Don’t let the teevee fool you!)

One of our goals for 2024 is to quote folks who say profound things but aren’t in many of the standard quote databases. Look for young authors, BIPOC writers and speakers, and maybe even someone riding the streetcar or sitting at the pub.

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