Urban Fantasy set in New Orleans!

Urban Fantasy set in New Orleans!

cover of the Urban Fantasy novel, "Hidden Talents"

Today’s the day! My novel, Hidden Talents is officially released today. When I was having issues with getting the cover to IngramSpark in October, I made the decision to push the roll-out of the book back a month. It was a good move, because now everything is in place. Once the cover art was resolved, it was a matter of verifying the proof copies and release the book into the wild. Ingram’s documentation on their Print On Demand (POD) service said it would take several weeks for that to happen, once you release a book on their site. I don’t know if this book is an exception, but that time lag, from print to distributor, was a matter of days, not weeks. That’s why the book’s been out on Amazon earlier than the release date.

What is Hidden Talents about?

Here’s the back cover blurb:

New Orleans is hot, humid, spiritual…and magical!

Anita Delatorre is a junior executive for a publishing company specializing in Christian books and homeschooling materials. One of her “responsibilities” is to be her company’s liaison with a New Orleans-based radio preacher, whose books her company publishes. A group seeking to discredit her client is all too successful, and Anita must take steps to stop them, using any means at her disposal. And Anita’s means are formidible: She is a sorceress, whose psychic Talents extend well beyond those of most mortals.

Renard Alciatore is a photographer who enjoys using his computer skills to mock Anita’s client, the Reverend Jay Hadley. As Ren begins to receive information of financial and sexual improprieties from inside Jay Hadley Ministries, his life is threatened, and, in the process, his own Talents are revealed. He is placed under the Protection of a shadowy organization known as The Assembly as he learns to use his Talents, to improve his photography, help others when he can, and defend his own life, when Challenged.

What were once Hidden Talents emerge in the hot New Orleans summer. Only one will walk away when the Duel is joined!

What is Urban Fantasy?

The genre, “Urban Fantasy” describes a novel that features supernatural elements, such as sword and sorcery, but in an urban/city setting. This is contrasted to “High Fantasy”, like Tolkien, where the author creates an entire world/universe.

Buy Hidden Talents!

Thanks to everyone for your support in making this project a reality. Now, go buy the book – Kindle/Hardcover/Paperback! If you’re on Facebook, join the Bayou Talents Book Group to talk about it when you’re finished.