Become an Eloquent Profanity Patron

Become an Eloquent Profanity Patron

Eloquent Profanity is now on Patreon.

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Eloquent Profanity is now on Patreon. This is a long time coming, and this summer’s the kick-off. I’ve been writing fiction for a while now, with four novels, to be precise. While the marketing of those novels has been (relatively) primitive up to now, we’re moving to more online/guerrilla style.

How it works

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, the concept is simple. You sign up to be a “patron” of a “creator.” As a patron, you support the creator financially. Some creators ask for a flat montly fee (a dollar or five dollars a month). Others establish tiers, maybe a dollar for basic content, blog posts, and five a month for podcast episodes. My suggestion for now: if you’re new to Patreon, go to the main site and sign up. Subscribe to creators as you go along.

Eloquent Profanity tiers

For now, this site operates with two tiers.

  • Open/Free – No charge for some posts. I like to write little scene snippets. I usually share those on the Book of Zucker. I’ll be posting some of these here, as free content. Among other things.
  • $1 Content – Essays, short fiction scenes (longer than a snarky snippet), images. This may expand as we go forward.

Eventually there will be a $5 tier, as we serialize longer short stories and novels. More on that as this develops.

Not NOLA History Guy

NOLA History Guy operates under a different philosophy. While the history blog contains a lot of patron content, it’s much more flexible. There’s only a dollar tier, BUT, patron content is visible to anyone who has been a patron at any time in the past. Example: I tell teachers, sign up over there. Pay the dollar. Next month, cancel the subscription. You’re on the list as having been a patron. When I post history content, I set the visibility to “any patron.” So, even if you’re not a current patron, thanks for your dollar and keep reading. (Also? If you catch me at the PJs, say hi, I’ll buy your coffee. So, you get your dollar back.)

Eloquent Profanity operates with a tighter model. It’s my fiction, not history material I feel should be open to anyone. I’m no Stephen King or Isaac Asimov, but I still like to get paid.

The Bottom Line

I like to use that phrase, btw. Go to NOLA History Guy for the old stuff. Come here t0 Eloquent Profanity for the fiction. Support my writing. Let’s all have fun.